Expansion tapes

with foil and adhesive strip

Expansion tapes with foil
and adhesive strip

Expansion tapes

Expansion joint tape (edge) TD/PE with self-adhesive PE foil. Innovative technology based on hot-melt adhesive ensures good adhesion in all conditions, at every stage of construction.

Excellent adhesion
in all conditions

Folimpex / Expansion tapes

Technical specifications

Material type

Expanded polyethylene

Apparent density

25 kg/m³ [ ±10%]

Thermal conductivity coefficient

0,038 W/(m·K)

Maximum operating temperature

+90 ⁰C

Fire resistance


Water absorption after 24 hours

1% by volume

Water vapor diffusion resistance coefficient

μ 3500

Reference standard

EN 14313:2009+A1:2013

Hygienic certificate


Designed for creating expansion joints and eliminating thermal bridges in floor screeds.

It features a PE foil flap intended for covering the junction of vertical and horizontal insulation.

Self-adhesive tape allowing for attachment to the wall.

Very good thermal conductivity coefficient.

Polyethylene foam is a flexible, soft, non-brittle material.

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Ecological insulation for a healthier
and safer home!

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