Expansion TAPES

(Edge) with PE-Film

Expansion tapes (Edge)
with PE-Film

Expansion tapes

The expansion joint tape (edge) TD/PE features a PE film flap with a width of 25 cm, designed to cover the junction of vertical and horizontal insulation. Additionally, it has five incisions to facilitate the removal of excess tape.

For connecting
vertical and horizontal insulation

Folimpex / Expansion tapes

Technical specifications

Material type

Expanded polyethylene

Apparent density

25 kg/m³ [ ±10%]

Thermal conductivity coefficient

0,038 W/(m·K)

Maximum operating temperature

+90 ⁰C

Fire resistance


Water absorption after 24 hours

1% by volume

Water vapor diffusion resistance coefficient

μ 3500

Reference standard

EN 14313:2009+A1:2013

Hygienic certificate


Designed for creating expansion joints and eliminating thermal bridges in floor screeds.

Very good thermal conductivity coefficient.

Flexible and resistant to aging.

Resistant to chemical and biological factors.

Polyethylene foam is a flexible, soft, non-brittle material.

Also available in our offer are edge tapes of fire class B.

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and safer home!

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