T 80

Packaging profiles

Profile T 80

Packaging profiles

Besides applications in packaging, it is used in construction to create expansion joints for large surface floor screeds.

Packaging Profiles are the perfect solution for protecting various products during transportation. Made of high-quality low-density polyethylene foam (approximately 25 kg/m3), these packages lead the way in innovative industry solutions.

The polyethylene foam used to create our profiles is a flexible, soft, and non-brittle material. This makes these packages perfectly adapt to the shape and dimensions of each packaged product, providing comprehensive protection during transport.

Our Packaging Profiles are not only extremely flexible but also resistant to chemical and biological factors. As a result, products packaged in our packaging are safe from potential threats associated with the influence of chemicals or biological factors. They provide an excellent alternative to traditional styrofoam protection, raising the standards of protection for transported goods.

The polyethylene foam used to make our profiles is non-toxic and widely used in the food industry. This means that our packaging meets the highest safety standards, which is extremely important, especially in the case of transporting food products.

An additional advantage of our packaging is its environmental friendliness. The polyethylene used undergoes the recycling process, contributing to a sustainable approach to waste management and environmental protection.

In summary, our Packaging Profiles are an excellent tool for customers looking for effective, flexible, non-brittle packaging that will not only protect transported products but also meet the highest ecological and safety standards.

packaging profiles

Folimpex / Packaging profiles

Used to create expansion joints in floor screeds.

Optional self-adhesive coating enabling attachment to a surface.

Most commonly used for the transportation protection of various products.

Made from low-density expanded polyethylene (approximately 25 kg/m3).

Resistant to chemical and biological factors.

Serve as an excellent alternative to Styrofoam packaging protections.

Polyethylene foam is elastic, soft, non-brittle material.

The polyethylene used is non-toxic (widely used in the food industry as well) and recyclable material.

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High-quality materials are a key element in achieving excellent results in various fields. Thanks to high-quality raw materials and careful production, our professional materials guarantee not only durability but also effectiveness in application.


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