Insulation sleeves STEINONORM

Polyurethane insulation sleeves

Insulation sleeves STEINONORM

Polyurethane insulation sleeves

Insulation sleeves made of soft polyurethane foam with an open-cell structure and a PVC film covering.

Polyurethane foam

Folimpex / Polyurethane insulation sleeves

Technical parameters

Material type

Soft polyurethane foam (PU)

Apparent density

24 kg/m³ [ ±1%]

Thermal conductivity coefficient (for 40 ⁰C)

0,035 W/(m·K)

Fire resistance


Compressive strength (at 10% deformation)

> 9 kPa

Resistance to continuous temperature exposure at 135°C for 48 hours

< 5 %

Maximum operating temperature

+130 ⁰C

Reference standard

EN 14315-1:2013

Very good thermal conductivity coefficient.

Covered with reinforced aluminum foil with a self-adhesive flap.

Very good acoustic insulation.

Resistance to biological and chemical factors.

The longitudinal slit facilitates and accelerates the installation of insulation.

Made of soft polyurethane foam.

Ecological insulation materials

Our products are made from ecological materials such as mineral wool and represent a sustainable solution, reducing the impact of construction on the environment. They are also 100% recyclable materials.

synthetic materials

High-quality materials are a key element in achieving excellent results in various fields. Thanks to high-quality raw materials and careful production, our professional materials guarantee not only durability but also effectiveness in application.

Typ materiału

Wełna mineralna skalna