Rubber mats

Insulation sleeves and mats in mineral wool

Rubber mats SOLAR HT

Rubber insulation sleeves and mats

SOLAR HT rubber mats are distinguished by their increased resistance to UV radiation. They feature a wide range of operating temperatures, from -40°C to +150°C (-40°C to +85°C for self-adhesive mats).

to UV radiation

Folimpex / Rubber insulation sleeves and mats

Technical parameters

Material type

Expanded EPDM rubber

Operating temperature range

from - 40 ⁰C to + 150 ⁰C

Thermal conductivity coefficient for 0°C

0,040 W/(m·K)

Thermal conductivity coefficient for 40°C

0,044 W/(m·K)

Fire resistance


Water vapor diffusion resistance coefficient

μ >3000

Very good thermal conductivity coefficient.

Increased resistance to UV radiation.

High water vapor diffusion resistance coefficient.

Resistance to biological and chemical factors.

Flexible and resistant to aging.

Wide range of operating temperatures.

synthetic materials

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Typ materiału

Wełna mineralna skalna