Pool noodles

Recreational products

Pool noodles

Recreational products

Non-absorbent, resilient accessory for play and swimming lessons made of lightweight, closed-cell expanded polyethylene.

Thermal and acoustic insulation of heating installations

Folimpex / Recreational products

Waterproof and non-absorbent.

Made of low-density expanded polyethylene (approximately 25 kg/m3).

Resistance to biological and chemical factors.

Polyethylene foam is a flexible, soft, non-brittle material.

Vibrant, diverse colors thanks to mass dyeing.

The polyethylene used is non-toxic (widely used in the food industry) and recyclable material.

Swim noodles

Excellent water recreation support products. Available in various colors and sizes..


High-quality polyethylene foam materials

Typ materiału

Wełna mineralna skalna