GRANULATE made of mineral wool

Wraps and mats made of mineral wool

Granulate made of mineral wool

Wraps and mats made of mineral wool

Granulate mineral wool is a type of insulating material made from various natural minerals, such as basalt or volcanic rock. As a result, it is not only effective in insulation but also environmentally friendly. The primary advantage of mineral wool granulate is its excellent thermal insulation properties. Because it is made from minerals with low thermal conductivity, it effectively blocks the transfer of temperature. This is true for both extreme summer and winter conditions. Consequently, your home will maintain a suitable temperature throughout the year, and you won't have to worry about excessively high heating or cooling costs. Mineral wool granulate has a wide range of applications. You can use it for insulating floors, ceilings, walls, or roofs.

floors, ceilings, walls, and roofs

Folimpex / Wraps and mats made of mineral wool

Technical specifications

Thermal conductivity coefficient lambda (λD)

0,038-0,041 W/mK


60-80 kg/m3

Fire reaction


Additional information

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High-quality materials are a key element in achieving excellent results in various fields. Thanks to high-quality raw materials and careful production, our professional materials guarantee not only durability but also effectiveness in application.


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Typ materiału

Wełna mineralna skalna